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Who is Arthur Marshall?

Arthur Marshall is a former American football player turned entrepreneur and real estate developer. With more than 20 years of helping people build dream homes and expand their asset portfolios, he now shares his business knowledge with anyone interested in exploring the many opportunities real estate can offer.

As an entrepreneur, Arthur has owned successful businesses in the marketing, real estate, finance and business consulting industries.

Football Career

Marshall’s early talents for sports emerged playing high school football, and he continued to carry this torch as a student at the University of Georgia. After college, he ascended to the National Football League for several years, where he played for the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos.

Marshall won many awards and accolades during his football career, making him a notable figure in professional sports. Other honors include being named as wide receiver for the NFL’s ‘92 All-Rookie Team and “Georgia High School Athlete of the Year” by USA Today. He was also inducted into the University of Georgia Football Hall of Fame.

Marshall Breaks The World Record

While playing for the Denver Broncos in 1992, Marshall created a new world record and made NFL history by throwing the longest pass completion by a non-quarterback. It was followed by an 81-yard touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys. The title was held until Josh Miller of the Pittsburgh Steelers made a pass that tied Marshall’s record in 2003.

Marshall’s accomplishments on the field have inspired many people over the years. Today he continues to show passion and dedication for sports by mentoring, sponsoring and staying active in his community.

The Hero's Journey

Arthur Marshall’s journey from sports to entrepreneurship is a powerful reminder that with determination and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams and impact the world.


Personal Life

Arthur J. Marshall Jr. was born in Fort Gordon, Georgia. He grew up between Fort Gordon and nearby Augusta in the famous Peach State. As

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Awards & Records

Ex-NFL star Marshall is a multi-award-winning former professional sportsman. He is also a one-time world record holder in American football. Just some of the many

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Charitable Endeavors

Arthur Marshall, NFL former wide receiver, proudly supports an ever-growing roster of vital charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. Among these good causes are

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